G MAX EC is a leading consulting company providing global solutions for energy sector and infrastructure development in Central Asian States.

In order to offer our clients high quality services tailored to their specific needs, G MAX Energy Consulting maintains strategic alliances with industry-leading firms and leading international consultant’s companies, enabling to submit joint offers that are highly competitive in terms of costs, methodology and team of experts.

Working together without boundaries

G MAX Energy Consulting' culture of "working together" allows the talent of our employees to be readily shared across commercial and government domains, and across markets within each segment. We provide strategic advice, formulate programmes and projects and bring all the means for their implementation:

We are also support projects during implementation, advising as a ad hoc institutions, adapting regulations, assisting during the negotiation with local and central governments, developing communication campaigns and coordinating specific training programmes.

If you are interested in joining our team of consultants, please send your CV in the attached format to the following address:

Should you wish to obtain further information about CMAX EC please write to the following address:

Expansion in global markets

This year, we grew our activities outside the Uzbekistan by expanding existing relationships, introducing new services and capabilities, and increasing our presence in key cites of Central Asian region and in the world.